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Special New Zealand Coffee

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NZ coffee culture is unique, from Auckland to the small town that you can drive through in 30 seconds. They all have one thing in common; you can generally find a reasonable coffee on a high-quality machine without too much trouble. Kiwi's love their coffee, and they have an unusually high standard for their brew. While this might not sound too odd, compared to other countries there, the sheer number of quality establishments is pretty staggering. While native New Zealanders might take this for granted, they have an unexpectedly rich and vibrant coffee culture that is surprising to both tourists and travellers alike.


New Zealand's unique brand of coffee, mixes a blend of trying to recreate the espresso once found in Italian cafe's, and good old fashion self-taught kiwi ingenuity. Early NZ coffee pioneers in the '80s and '90's not only attempted to re-create the coffee they experienced in Europe on their travels but to pioneer and elevate coffee beyond what they had previously experienced. Unhindered by tradition, they were able to experiment, innovate, and ultimately improve their coffee, creating their own unique coffee culture. The result was drinks such as the Flat White and pairing drinks with a double shot of espresso vs. the traditional single. Their hard work paid off, and New Zealand has a vibrant coffee culture that can compete with any nation, not to mention is a billion-dollar industry. 


Today, New Zealand's coffee roasters stand on the foundation left to them. Not content to settle for the old humdrum of how it's always been done. Kiwi roasters from all over the country are working to create and elevate coffee to the next level has the coffee pioneers in the '80s, and '90s did before them. This is excellent news not only for the economy but for coffee lovers who get to experience the best of what the next generation can offer. The only real problem is that because New Zealand has such a high standard for coffee, there are so many options to try. Cue Fernweh; we do the work for you, sorting through the good and the great to help pair your mornings with a fresh experience all the while also letting you discover the wonders that New Zealand coffee has to offer.

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