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FERNWEH : Coffee Subscription Box in NZ

Featuring a new roaster each month.

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Sign up for a Fernweh coffee subscription box in NZ, and at the beginning of each month, you will get single-origin coffee beans delivered to your home.

We have journeyed all over New Zealand to hand-pick the best specialty coffee roasters from Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch to bring you the finest coffee in the country.

Explore the most delicious specialty coffee directly from the roaster to your cup without leaving the comfort of your kitchen.


A monthly coffee subscription from Fernweh offers many benefits from enjoying a variety of delicious beans delivered to your doorstep to learning about roasting methods and coffee to supporting local NZ roasters.

Signing up to receive a coffee subscription box in NZ is an excellent way to practice smart consumerism while learning about coffee and tasting a range of specialty roasters and beans. And they make for great gifts!

Receive specialty coffee beans monthly in a box delivered to your doorstep. Each month we’ll send you single-origin coffee beans from our featured roaster so that you can try coffee from all over the country right at home.

Expand your palate by tasting different beans and roasting methods from different areas of NZ. If you are just warming up to coffee and want to learn more, or if you are a coffee nerd who wants to develop your knowledge, a monthly coffee subscription from Fernweh is a great learning tool.

When you purchase a Fernweh specialty coffee subscription, you support coffee bean farmers and roasters in NZ, allowing them to work and grow their business and giving back to the local economy. You can feel good about drinking Fernweh coffee every day.

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With more specialty coffee delivery companies cropping up, these are the reasons why Fernweh is an excellent choice for your NZ coffee subscription.

We only choose high-quality beans for coffee delivery. We are passionate about coffee and have spent years exploring every part of New Zealand in search of the finest, specialty coffee roasters to bring you the most delicious beans available.

Every roaster is hand-selected based on their bean quality and roasting skill, meaning you have access to the best coffee beans in the country in every cup.

Fernweh lets you have it your way. You can customise the coffee in your monthly subscription box based on your needs and preferences. You can order from 250g for personal use up to 3KG for cafés and hotels that want to serve up the best beans in their establishments.

Choose from whole beans, plunger grind, filter grind, and espresso grind, depending on how you brew. Finally, you can start with a one-month specialty coffee subscription to try it, and you can choose three months, six months, or customise the duration of your subscription.

Hear the stories from the roasters and learn about coffee. Every coffee bean subscription box comes with the stories about how the roasters started and tasting notes, so you can expand your knowledge of coffee while getting to know the roasting scene in NZ.

It’s nice to know where our food and drink comes from, and at Fernweh, we take pride in curating the stories of our beans to support informed consumption.


If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, here’s what makes a Fernweh coffee gift box a wonderful idea.

Be sure to browse our online store to find the perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your life—or treat yourself to coffee delivery!

Have you tried Fernweh coffee beans and want to spread the love? You don’t need an occasion to pass along the gift of good coffee. Share your discovery of NZ’s best secret by sending a friend, colleague, or fellow coffee nerd a one-month subscription to get them hooked. Your coffee bean club will pick up steam quickly when you compare Fernweh tasting notes and see how they are affected by different brewing methods. 

A coffee bean subscription box is a delightful, thoughtful gift for the coffee lover in your life. Whether it’s a birthday gift, Christmas present, or a kind way to say thank you, they will be delighted when they receive a coffee gift box from Fernweh in the post.

While you’re in the gifting spirit, check out Fernweh’s high-quality coffee gear to create a whole coffee gift box package that includes specialty roasted beans and a dripper. We sell high-end, beautifully crafted drippers, including the Oepan V60 Dripper and the Munieq Tetra Dripper, combine one of these with the Miyaco Single Drip Kettle for a consistent pour every time. Each one is carefully designed to brew a perfectly flavourful cup of coffee, so you taste every note in the beans.

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Fernweh is a German word that is hard to translate but means a longing for far-away places. There is no other word quite like it, much like the coffee of New Zealand. We’ve journeyed all over the country, from the Northern shores to the rugged wilderness of the South to discover and share the stories of roasters in New Zealand. We now share the discoveries from our travels to far-away places of our stunning islands to bring you hand-selected, single-origin coffee beans from small batch to big business roasters that we met along the way.

Our vision is to bring delicious, specialty coffee to your doorstep, and with it, the stories of these roasters who are connected by the power of the beans and this beautiful country that you will taste in each sip.

For more about our story or our specialty coffee subscription, drop us a line.

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