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Coffee Tutorial: Chemex

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In this second edition of Fernweh Coffee Tutorials we help you get the most out of your beloved Chemex brewer. This elegant manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

What you will need: medium-coarse coffee, chemex brewer, chemex paper filter and hot water.

 Fernweh Coffee Subscription Chemex Tutorial

Step 1 - Grab your chemex paper filter, open the filter into a cone shape so that one side has three layers. The side with three layers should cover the pouring spout.

Step 2 - Get both the filter and vessel wet with warm water and eliminate the water through the spout after completing the process.

Step 3 - Add coffee. At Fernweh Coffee Subscription we like to use 50 grams of coffee per 700 grams of water. Spoiler alert: the perfect ratio doesn't exist. As it depends on your taste, we encourage you to variate the amounts in order to find your ideal formula.

Fernweh Coffee Subscription Chemex Tutorial

TIP Water is best used at 91-96 degrees, but if you can't mesure the temperature: boil and let it rest a bit before using it.

Step 4 - Bloom. Pour a small amount of water to get the coffee wet and start what’s called the “bloom”. This process takes 30 seconds and will ensure a much richer result.

Step 4 - Start the pour. Slowly pour the water over the grounds in a circular pattern, without pouring water over the filter directly. Continue to pour slowly till you use all the water. Some experts recommend doing the pour process in two or three steps.

Fernweh Coffee Subscription Chemex Tutorial

Step 5 - Allow the water to drip & toss the filter. Congrats! Your Fernweh coffee is now ready, enjoy.

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