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Coffee of the Month: March

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This month enjoy a premium coffee that comes all the way from Ethiopia, roasted in New Zealand and brought to you by Fernweh Coffee Subscription.

About the roster: Established in 2001, Toasted Coffee Roasters engage coffee on an international level, whether it be our international roasting awards, representation of NZ at the world cup tasting championships, or in-house Q-Grader, we aspire to be leaders in all aspects of our business.

About the bean: Arsosala is the name of the mill or washing station this coffee comes from. The washing stations receive the ripe cherries from the growers who in Ethiopia are generally smallholders with a diverse range of crops on their land to sustain themselves or a cash crops. The Arsosala mill receives coffee cherries from approximately 1,200 growers, and will sort these into lots made available to green coffee buyers.

This coffee is washed, which is an intensive process which can take up to 4 days from receipt of the ripe cherries by the mill before it is ready to be dried on raised beds for a further 12 days.

The result of this process is a cup profile which should be free of fermented flavours (desirable in other processes), with a crisp flavour and acidity. Ethiopia is frequently cited as the birthplace of coffee, rich in varietal diversity, and responsible today for some of the finest specialty coffee in the world. Interestingly approximately half of the country’s production is consumed domestically as an integral part of daily life.

About the coffee: Ethiopia Arsosala washed from the Guji Region, it has tasting notes of apricot aroma, orange zest, black tea, and black current.

Flavour Notes: Apricot aroma, blackcurrant flavours, orange zest, black tea.

Varietals: Heirloom Varietals

Process: Washed

Altitude: 2100 - 2300m

Region: Guji

Not only can get this amazing coffee delivered to your home but also you can choose the grind format and bag size.

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