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Ulala from ARK

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Introducing Ulala from ARK Coffee. 

Ulala who has been in the industry for more than 10 years has come back from Japan where she gained all her experiences which included all the fundamental steps from seed to cup.

Travelling through to many coffee producing origins, it has given her a diverse understanding of what true quality of beans involve. Her passion for coffee is not about the commodity coffees that just focuses on mass production where quality is not of a priority, but rather on beans that are produced with the Specialty Coffee standards. It focuses on quality of beans foremost as well as transparency from producer to consumer, in which everyone in the chain is acknowledged and respected for their part. 

She has also engaged in the Cup of Excellence programme as an international Jury. She’s a finalist while competing in the Barista Championships between 2008-2010, gaining 2nd place in her last competing year. All of which was done in hopes to gaining more skill and knowledge which she then could give back to her customers in her daily work. 

In Ark Coffee Company Ulala and the help of her small team hope to achieve and create a place where all her knowledge and experience can help their customers to have a better and much more enjoyable coffee experience in their daily lives. As well help them to understand that with just a few simple tips, a bag of great quality beans that anyone can make a delicious cup of coffee. To get them to realise through experience that in fact coffee is so flavoursome and complex in it's taste and best enjoyed in it’s simplest form. Just like wine.

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