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Project 8 - Octo

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OCTO - Latin of number '8'
Our story starts with a simple "Seed To Cup" concept. '8' is an infinite symbol (and coincidentally the door number of our HQ address), we want to showcase a cycle. The concept of having the seed grown by the farmers, having it logistically transported to roasters and then having it roasted and having it served as a beverage to a customer. Yet people might think the story ends here, we believe it's only the beginning. As the support from customers goes back to the cafe, then to the roaster, then to a whole bunch of other people like the sailers, transporters, mill workers and ultimately back to the farmer and their land. Like life, this is an endless cycle with many being affected. Based on this, we believe that the influential factor is substantial. Hence we decided to use Latin to further symbolise such influences, like how the language is arguably one of the most influential language in the world. Whilst still making sure our staffs are PHD level on coffee and our Specialty coffee standard being as high as possible.

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