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Project 11 - The Sailor's Son

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In the heart of industrial Christchurch, there's a specialty coffee roastery and café showcasing the best of what the coffee industry has to offer. The Anchorage is not your typical local café; it is home to The Sailor's Son specialty roaster. It's clear that coffee is the key focus here; the spot is described as less a café, and more a specialty coffee bar that offers food as an addition. To put it simply, the team behind the Anchorage do coffee and they do it well. Committed to bring the best coffee varieties from around the globe to Christchurch, they're always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours. They keep on top of the trends the leading coffee brands are setting. They're more than happy to talk customers through the process of roasting, selecting different flavours to try, or just having a chat about what makes a great cup of coffee.

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